If you’re looking for a detailed EpicTrading review, then you are in the right place!

I’ve seen a ton of people talking about this Forex opportunity so I wanted to take a closer look for myself to see if it could be an incredible opportunity to join or a complete waste of time.

I’ve taken the time to research and then review the information about the company, the products they offer, and how the compensation plan works to present that information for you here today.

In the last section of my review will reveal what I think about this opportunity and if I think it is a scam or not.

If you are thinking about joining the EpicTrading Forex opportunity, then you are going to want to stick around to the end!

With that said, let’s dig in and see what we can learn about it.

So, What Is EpicTrading ?

Epic Trading is a Forex education opportunity that will help you and teach you how to make money on the Forex Trading money market.

It is also an MLM company that will give you the ability to earn even more money.

Company Overview

Being a member I was able to find additional information on the marketing videos that say the owners have a ton of experience in Forex and the trading market and are considered professional traders and teachers of trading.

I have to say that the company is fully running but they are still in their pre-launch phase so has experienced a few minor glitches. 

Why I Decided To Join EpicTrading – Join Me Now

After taking a long look at the business model, the products, and the compensation plan design, I was blown away and with known 6-7 figure online income earners promoting it I was in.

I had been shown the opportunity a couple of months early but decided against that as the person who showed it to me then was known to move from one opportunity to another. 

learned more about how powerful the company’s compensation plan and that you can structure your Epic business by helping others.

became too excited and decided to take action so I decided to jump in EpicTrading and get to work!

My whole philosophy that I want everyone that joins me and my team is to have is the “People Helping People” concept which I feel is so powerful and is actually doable with how this compensation plan is designed.

I am forming and building a powerful team where everyone that joins my team makes a simple commitment to just recruit at least 3 people.

People helping people… I love it!

By doing this simple action and apply the commitment, this would cause so much synergy and would result in helping so many, make a significant amount of money each month.

If you would like to join my top Epic Trading team that offers a ton of bonuses and training along with top-notch support.

For more information : https://theprincejason.com/partnership1/

What Products Or Services Does Epic Trading Offer? 

In this section of my Epic review, I am going to cover the products that the opportunity offers.

Epic Trading offers an education platform, live and recorded trading sessions with trading professionals, trade alerts, and market forecasts.

The company sells these services to retail customers and its IBO members.

Here is a look at what they offer their customers and members.

Trading Education

The trading education that Epic offers is all about taking the new person from step A to Z.

This Forex training covers all of the basics all the way through to the advanced trading techniques and strategies.

This platform will be formated in videos so that everyone can follow along and understand what the training topics are covering much better.

There are also quizzes and homework assignments that are designed to test what you have learned in these courses throughout your Forex Trading educational journey to make sure you understand each topic.

Trade Alerts

Epic also offers its members trade alerts that will be sent out by experienced traders that will include stop loss, take profit, and management information.

This will ensure that all of Epic’s members will be up-to-date with all of the professional trader’s insights and tips.

Live Trading Sessions

You will also be able to participate in live trading sessions through webinars with your membership.

Watch over-the-shoulder of a trading professional as they are trading in real-time.

The markets that they will cover will include New York, Asia, and London.

Market Forecasts

Another perk for being a Epic customer is a weekly market forecast.

The owner will actually record a weekly analysis and share with you some technical and fundamental updates that you will want to know when you start trading.

He will also discuss any upcoming trading opportunities and biases so that you can take advantage of them.

Fundamental Analysis

The fundamental analysis is a weekly update that includes current economic data and any important news that can affect any of the major asset classes.

EpicTrading Company Events

Just like with most other bigger MLM companies, Traders also will host company events.

This is where any member will get an invite to their company event where they will discuss and focus on trading, leadership, and marketing.

It is also a great way to network with other like-minded people and to see the vision that the company has on display.

Usually, there will be food and drinks that you can have with a good company presentation which is always a plus.

That’s all there is to the services/products that Epic Trading offers.

With that said, let’s learn how you can start earning money with the compensation plan.

How Does The Epic Compensation Plan Work?

In this section of my EpicTrading review, I am going to share with you the information about how the compensation plan works and how you can make money with this opportunity.

One of the things that make this opportunity so lucrative is how you can make money with Epic.

After taking the time to look at the ways that you can make money with Epic and then compared to 90% of the MLM companies that are out there, this one has to be one of the best if not, the top 3!

Before you can start making money with Epic referral Commission, you will need to get started as a client member and refer 3 people under you.

You can Earn and Learn instantly for the Forex Commission by following our daily signals.

Members have said the $99 monthly fee is so affordable and great value.

Getting Started

In order to start making money with Epic Trading, you will need to become an IBO member.

There are 2 ways that you can join as an IBO member, or as a Customer Member but the most lucrative game plan is to become a customer and an IBO Member.

The membership cost will be every 28 days and has special incentives when joining as a Customer and IBO which is the most lucrative way to join.

You can find the cost to join Epic Trading HERE .

Rank Requirements

In order to reach a higher rank in the company, you are required to maintain a monthly purchase with Both a Client Membership and an IBO Membership.

The main aspect of increasing your rank in the company is by building a team, but this is a bit different than most of the traditional MLM companies that are out there.

Building a team consists of helping your team sponsor 3 people.

By doing this, their monthly membership cost is free.

They need to purchase an IBO Membership to qualify.

Each rank is based on 3 legs that you will need to grow with more active affiliate members to qualify for a higher rank.

Building a team is very typical in any Network Marketing company’s compensation plan.

With that said, let’s breakdown each rank that the company offers and how to qualify for each one:

EpicTrading - Epic - Epic Trading

Referral Commissions

One of the most exciting parts of the company is the referral compensation plan because of how powerfully profitable it is but also simple at the same time.

Now, some of the aspects of a traditional MLM compensation plan are not included with the Epic comp plan, but the lack of these bonus commissions is made up by how much the compensation plan pays out in commissions in my opinion of course!

In the first part of earning referral commissions, you will want to recruit 3 members within 28 days.


The 3 and free is only for the Founder rank, but when you reach the next rank, you will earn more than enough to cover your monthly cost.

Residual Commissions

The residual commissions that Epic Trading offers are offered only when you increase your rank.

Each rank will give you a higher residual income and the increase is substantial.Here is what you will earn based on rank:

**How To Maximize The Comp Plan – “My Epic PIF Strategy”

After you are able to recruit your 10 personally recruited members, I would start giving any new sign-ups that you get to the team members in your downline that need them to qualify for the “3 and it’s free” the first rank of Founder.


Because this company does not have a fast-start bonus and you make more money when your 3 legs grow deep.

It just makes sense to do it that way because when you help people get there 3, and your team members help their team members get there 3, no one is going to go anywhere and you will eventually grow a very large team.

As you can see above, a larger team that you have especially with this tactic fueling the production, the more money that you will earn on a monthly residual basis!

Forex Commissions

Because Epic has forex education and signals that they share with members as you can see in the products section above, you can start learning the skill of trading in the forex market to earn even more money.

That is all I got on how you can make money with the Epic Trading opportunity and how the compensation plan works.

It’s really simple and no hoops that I can see that you have to jump through.

Now, let’s continue to the next section and answer some questions.

My Epic Trading FAQ Section

In this section of my review, I am going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining Epic.

Is EpicTrading BBB Accredited?

No, at this time, Epic is not BBB accredited.
Now, one of the things that most people are not aware of is that the Better Business Bureau is not a government-run or operated website.

What this means that the BBB website is actually a privately-owned site and it is actually not official.

So, when I do my recommendation in the last section of my review, I base that recommendation on ALL of the information that I was able to find on the company website and online.

I only can take the information at face value and from other trusted resources say and of course, my own judgment.

What’s The Cost To Join Epic?

The minimum cost to join Epic Trading to become a client member is $99 to start and $99 every 28 days.

In order to take full advantage of what EpicTrading offers, you will need to join add the $25 per month option to become an IBO which is the client membership and the IBO membership.

Upgrading to the IBO option along with the Client membership will qualify you for the commissions when you reach Founder 500 and above.

Here is what the cost breakdown is:

Another thing that is interesting and also what I really liked when researching for my Epic review is that there are no other packages that you need to purchase or upgrade to make more money with their comp plan.

Additionally, by getting just 3 people on your first level, your monthly cost is free which is a great thing!

Is EpicTrading A Scam Or Legitimate Opportunity?

In my opinion, no, Epic is not a Scam. 

The company offers everything they need in order to be in compliance with the MLM laws in the US and around the World.

The payout through a Global Wallet and you must prove your identity and bank account.

They have a great service product and an awesome compensation plan that does take work but is easy to understand and is fair.

The owners are transparent and they have webinars with a question and answer session now.

With that said, let’s finish up.

My Final EpicTrading Review, Recommendation, And Thoughts

In the final section of my review, I am going to share my thoughts and recommendation about the Epic Trading opportunity as a whole.

I have taken the time to research and review the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

I have also shared my thoughts on why I don’t think that Epic is a scam and gave you my reasons why above.At this point, you should have a good idea about what Epic Trading is, how it works, what they offer, and how you can make money with them.

What are your thoughts about the opportunity?

Leave your comment below.But here is the question…

Do I Recommend Joining The EpicTrading Opportunity?

At this point, you have all of the information you need in order to make an educated decision to join or not.

If you were to ask me if I would join Epic, I would say yes!

I have reviewed 100’s of companies and programs and I can confidently say that EpicTrading is my #1 recommended work from home opportunity for 2021.

I am forming and building a powerful team where everyone that joins my team makes a simple commitment to just recruit at least 3 people whether you get your 3 or if you get them from me or your upline.

People helping people… I love it!

By doing this simple action and apply the commitment, this would cause so much synergy and would result in helping so many, make a significant amount of money each month.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Epic review.

Thank you for your support! Sharing is caring! Join me at EpicTrading

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