ThePrinceJason aka Matthieu Jason

Entrepreneur, Investor, Real Estate Mogul by Day, Rockstar by Night to High Stakes Poker Dabbler

About ThePrinceJason aka Matthieu Jason

MATTHIEU JASON (ThePrinceJason) Influencer, Poker Player, Investor, Entrepreneur and social media producer working with Artists, Entrepreneurs, Luxury Brands and Business Owners.

With a network of +500 Million followers on Instagram. He's helped thousand peoples reach millions peoples for grow their brands and sales.

ThePrinceJason is a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7 figure business ventures across various verticals of web and marketing. (Mlm, trading, sport betting, franchising, blockchain and much more..)

Partner with ThePrinceJason

If you aren’t making money from your smart phone, then it's not really a smart phone, it’s a dumb phone.

Our goal is to help as many peoples achieve financial freedom/independence for themselves through Online Business with a smart phone or a laptop.

Want to build an online business? Please contact:

Lunch to pick Jason's brain: Start at $10,000

Speaking Engagements: $1000,000 or 50% back of room sales (whichever is higher)

Short Term Rental - Revenue Share

We find lucrative properties in multiple hotspot areas across Miami with our expert geometric location targeting... We do all the ground work from finding the unit, furnishing it, property management, cleaning, as well as marketing.. All you need to do is sit back and collect your compensation...

Silver Investor

$10 000 - Apartment (1-2 bedrooms) - 30% To Investor 70% To ME Net Profits

Gold Investor

$20 000 - Mid-size home (2-4 bedrooms) - 60% To Investor 40% To ME Net Profits

Diamond Investor

$40 000 - Large House (3-5 bedrooms) - 70% To Investor 30% To ME Net Profits